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Marshmallow 'Althaea Officinalis'

Althaea Officinalis (C.Linnaeus) or marsh Mallow (commonly known) or Heemst (dutch)


Plants with uses in medicine and herbalism. The leaves, flowers and the root of Althaea Officinalis have been used in herbal medicine for centuries. Traditionally for irritation of mucous membranes (antitussive) and anti-inflammatory properties. Many herbs like Mallow and edible leaves contain flavonoids, powerfull antioxydants with ant-infammatory and immune system bennefits!

The name Althaea, wich comes from the Greek 'Althein', meaning 'To Heal' is also commenly known as Marshmallow.

The roots contains a mucilaginous subtance.

The egyptians (2000 BC) made marshmallows by extracting sap from the root of the plant and mixing it with nuts and honey. Later the sweet developped in France (Guimauves) by using sugar, eggwhites or gelatin, combined with modified cornstarch to create the chewy base that we know today.


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