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Garden Daisy 'Bellis Perennis'

Bijgewerkt: 30 apr 2020

Bellis Perennis or commonly known as lawn Daisy or 'Madeliefje' (dutch) is also known as 'English Daisy' to distinguish this species from others.

Bellus (Latin meaning pretty or cute) Perennis (meaning eternal or everlasting), represents a little perennial and herbaceous plant.

From the earliest spring, the daisies bloom in the grass and during the growing season the young flowers rotate theire heads to track the sun's movement across the sky.

When the flowers close in the evening the petals at the bottom show a dark pinkish color.

The Daisy is often thought of as weeds and expelled grimly from the lawn, wich turns out to be almost an impossible task..;-)

The buds and leaves are pressed against the ground on a remaining rhizome.

They bloom from April to November.

Bellis Perennis is widely known among Herbalist. The uses are based on tradition, scientific theories and limited research.

Safety and effectiveness have not always been proven. Something that is not commonly known, is that they dry beautifully and are just perfect to use in bridal bouquets buttonholes & corsages.


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