The 'Still-room' was

a distilleryroom found

in most large Houses or


throughout Europe

dating back to

Mediëval times, and a very important part of the Household.

Flowers & Herbes

from the kitchengarden and

surrounding countryside,

were Preserved, Infused

 Distilled and Processed

into soaps and cleaning product,

Potpourries and


Herbal Medicine.

The Flowers and Herbs where also arranged into perfumed Bouquets (originally to keep the bugs away), and little

'Home Decorations

And Gifts'

to celebrate or

' Tokens of

Friendship and Love'


"The Earth Laughs in Flowers"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson - 


My name is Gwendolyn Smithuis.

In my work as a perfume consultant, i'm  surrounded with the most  lovely aromatics inspired by nature.

Fortunated to learn from two  Masters of Floral Arrangements at the 'Holland College' in the Lier, i'm now able to bind these 'Gifts of Nature' into Lovely flower binders .

My partner Levin is a Treetechnitian and we live in Assenede, a small countryvillage near Gent, the most beautiful city Of Belgium! It was here at the beautyschool in Gent that a learned my herbalism skills. I work only With dried materials ,  collected with love and respect for our wonderful Earth and surroundings.

About  everything you'll see on this site is natural and made with original flowerbindings techniques.

Yours Sincerely

Gwendolyn Smithuis

Certified Advanced Floral Arranger, Herbalist and Perfume Consultant

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